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When people talk about Isabel Pantoja, sooner or later the money appears.

Parné is fundamental in his life, more than music, and he could continue saying "I am that one" without having to publish another album or give a concert, but

there would be no Pantoja without exclusives or succulent contracts with Mediaset


Such is the centrality of the powerful gentleman that it would be appropriate to compose with his name an anagram as perfect as the one

André Breton dedicated to Salvador Dalí,

whom he called

Avida Dollars

, since he liked bills more than brushes.

Fortunately, where the anagram fails, paronomasia triumphs, and we would speak of panicle where we mean Pantoja.

"She is ambitious, she loves money, and her relationships have always been for economic interest, far above the affective", tells us a source close to the tonadillera environment.

It is not only that he now needs liquidity - he has not yet paid off his

debt with the Treasury, which amounted to more than 1.1 million euros

, and his regular expenses are high - but that, even with life resolved, he would continue to ambition more.

How much money could Isabel Pantoja have billed?

There is no exact answer, not even an approximate one: approaching the matter is like looking into Nietzsche's abyss, the one that stares back at you.

Delving into this labyrinth implies getting lost in a flood of incomplete or estimated data, not to mention what Isabel Pantoja has lost - remember the

fiasco at the Cantora restaurant in Fuengirola

, which left a hole of 100,000 euros;

fans preferred taking photos to ordering the famous

Pollo a la Pantoja

- and what has been owed.

In their book

La Pantoja, Julián & cía

(2006), David Botello and Isabel Rábago quoted a former employee of theirs who claimed that their companies owed seven million euros at the time.

"He owes a notary, he owes horse feed, he owes the cranes, gasoline, he owes the removal of dead animals from his farm."

And he concluded:

"Mrs. Pantoja has money, but she doesn't pay."

There are data that help to imagine the

dizzying figures of panic that Isabel Pantoja has managed to handle.

In the defense brief that his lawyer wrote when the Malaya case was tried, to justify his expenses he included an

income ratio estimated at 19 million euros between 1999 and 2009


And that that decade was of lean cows, without comparison with its most profitable years, which go from the death of Paquirri and the success of the album Marinero de Luces (1985) -its sales are estimated at two million copies- to death of her friend Encarna Sánchez in 1996.

With their children, Kiko and Isa, after participating in 'Survivors'

There was a time, of course, in which Isabel Pantoja lived frugally.

His first salary, when he started in 1970 in the flamenco group at the Can Pastilla tablao in Mallorca, was 250 pesetas.

Shortly after, when he debuted at the Corral de la Morería in Madrid, he went to 1,500 per night: word of mouth did its magic and his cache began the climb that led him to ask, in his sweetest moment -the early 90s- the 10 million pesetas per gala (about 60,000 euros, not counting inflation) that Rábago and Botello cite in their book.

That cache, it is said, blocked her trip to the Persian Gulf in 1990 to encourage Spanish troops during the Iraq war: Marta Sánchez asked for more reasonable emoluments.

Although record

sales were important for years

, recordings have never been his business: copyright and phonographic rights have been substantial, especially for the composers of his songs, such as José Luis Perales.

The tours, on the other hand, were another matter: on the back of the success of Marinero de Luces and, in 1990, of the film

I am that

- his cache would be around 10 million pesetas, because after the success at the box office he

wanted to claim 12 more to Víctor Manuel,

the producer of the thing-, his finery was claimed in Spain and South America, where -a source indicates- a good piece of the cake was charged in black.

It was when the powerful Encarna promoted her while

attacking her great competitor, Rocío Jurado


Being close to the announcer was beneficial for Isabel: as the journalist

Ángela Portero


in her book


(2006), after Paquirri's death she was able to lead a high lifestyle managing the inheritance, in addition to the content of Cantora's safe and the investments of the bullfighter in Miami and Venezuela.

Then the money dwindled and debts arrived.

Encarna threw a cape on him: it is said that he paid off the mortgage on the

La Garza


(75 million pesetas) and on his house in La Moraleja.

A rumor at the time even suggested that

Isabel had access to Encarna's accounts in Paris and Geneva.

The 'Cantora' farm.

In 1995 the disagreements arrived, and a new stage of financial weakness that directed their steps, after the death of Encarna, towards the prosperous life of the Costa del Sol. Botello and Rábago point out that their debts before meeting Julián Muñoz amounted to three millions of euros.

The hiring of his concerts decreased

-only 19 galas in the summer of 2002, as Portero points out-, although some were paid at the price of jabugo: that of August 24 of that year, in the bullring of Marbella, with Muñoz as Mayor, it

cost 80 million pesetas.


The profit for music was declining over the years.

In 2012, she was heard shouting in a shouting match on a plane with her representative, María Navarro, saying that she could not lower than 120,000 euros per concert.

But before the coronavirus, hopefully it was 30,000, so

the real deal was on television.

So while getting closer to the murky Marbella environment, Isabel Pantoja struggled to keep the cache high and a constant presence in the programs of the heart, a mine in the post-Tombola times.

His first contract with Mediaset, before entering prison, was already estimated at about two million euros gross, an amount somewhat lower than what he received with his last agreement, a set of commitments for several programs that are charged individually -per Each broadcast of

Volverte a ver

o Survivientes received around 70,000 euros-, and that will expire at the time the new season of Idol Kids concludes, still on the air due to the pandemic.

Apparently, a renewal has not yet been sealed, but there would be a preliminary agreement to extend the contract for two more years for a similar amount of money.

Isabel Pantoja could make Eduardo Marquina's verses her own: "I played well / I lost a lot."

Having a fortune is not the same as having cash, since it maintains properties -


, the houses in Seville and Almonte, etc.-, but some are still partially repossessed and do not translate into allowance for expenses.

Kiko Rivera's




, and Isabel's imminent response, are explained above all by the pressing need to squeeze the cash register and generate cash.

The exclusive business

Contrary to popular belief, magazine exclusives are not the mainstay of Isabel Pantoja's business, rather a succulent extra that at certain times reaches vertigo figures: for which she has just closed with Hello!

a range is being considered that goes from 150,000 to 80,000 euros.

The second upright, in fact, corresponds to its best historical cache, about 70,000 of the wing: its two most valued exclusives since 2000, according to experts in pantology (with Juanramonian jota), are that of 2008 -in Cantora, by the 24 anniversary of Paquirri's death- and 2009 in which he confirmed his break with Julián Muñoz.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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