Impact of the new corona Santa Claus remote activities in Brazil November 22, 10:36

The Christmas sales season has begun in Brazil, South America, but the new coronavirus has forced Santa Claus to work remotely.

In Brazil, where there are many Christians, it is customary to celebrate Christmas grandly, and Santa Claus appears in many large shopping centers from November to December.

Every year, Santa Claus takes pictures and enjoys conversations with children directly, but this time he is forced to work remotely due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

In a large shopping center in the center of São Paulo, a large screen was set up in the center of the Christmas-decorated space, and when the children stood in front, Santa Claus appeared on the screen and asked what kind of gifts they wanted. It was.

An 8-year-old girl who visited said, "I'm very happy to be able to talk. I'm really glad that Santa didn't get into the new Corona and was safe."

At another shopping center, there is also a service where you can talk freely with Santa Claus by relaying if you make a reservation, and children are enjoying the Christmas mood a little earlier than usual.