Australia has been relatively spared from widespread corona infection.

At present, the country reports only 95 active cases of covid-19.

Therefore, Thursday's lockdown in the state of South Australia was all the more surprising.

For the next six days, only one person per household would be allowed to leave the home per day and only absolutely necessary matters would be allowed.

From schools to restaurants closed down and requirements for mouth protection were introduced.

But why then?

The drastic measures came after a cluster of 25 covid infected was discovered.

These could be traced to a lone traveler who had returned home after being in the UK.

But it would never have had to be such a comprehensive apparatus if the person in question had not hidden the truth from the state's tracker.

- If this person had not lied to the traces of infection, we would not have introduced a six-day lockdown, Marshall says.

The covid-infected man told the traces of infection that he had been inside a restaurant and bought pizza.

Traces of infection tried to clarify how the various people in the cluster had become infected and their focus quickly became Woodville Pizza Bar in the city of Adelaide in South Australia, which had an infected employed baker.

From panic to anger

If it was true that the man in question had been infected by the virus during a quick pizza purchase, it would mean that the virus was extremely contagious and that several other people could also be infected - therefore drastic measures were required, the authorities stated.

The man told the tracers that he had only been there to eat pizza.

But that was a lie.

In fact, he had worked several shifts at the pizzeria in question.

He and the infected baker were colleagues.

Therefore, it was not as likely that the men started an action-requiring spread of action.

- To say that I am furious about this individual's actions is a complete understatement.

This selfish act has put our entire state in a very difficult situation, the remarkably annoyed Prime Minister said during a press conference.

After the lie was discovered, the news came that the shutdown would now be lifted earlier than planned, at midnight between Saturday and Sunday.