• Commerce El Rastro will reopen with half the stalls and 2,700 people capacity after eight months closed due to Covid and the lack of agreement

  • Conflict: six months without the trace

El Rastro reopens this Sunday with half the positions (500) and

a limited capacity of 2,702 people who will control 150 municipal police officers who will be backed by drones.

It is the first Sunday with the traditional market in the capital, after eight months closed, due to the restrictions set to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Each of the posts will be in different places than the usual ones and,

separated by a meter and a half

, so they have been geolocated on a map and marked with tapes and fences to allow the flow of visitors.

Last week the merchants and the City Council reached

an agreement to reopen it after several months of protests and claims by the winners of the positions.

With the reopening of the Rastro,

an economic injection

is also expected

for the hotels, bars and shops in the area that historically saw their collections skyrocket on weekends.


The City Council has designed

a live geolocation tool

where, each opening day, you can see the footprint of the Covid Trace that indicates the previous situation of the stalls and shops and the current one, which will help both sellers and visitors to know the locations and the type of items each sells, according to the information available to the Consistory.

This tool, which is used for the first time in the Trail, will be available on the City Council website and will be maintained when the Trail returns to its original footprint.

Also, an information point for street vendors will be installed next week in

the Casino de la Reina park

, which will alternate at 50% each week or each holiday.

A total of

500 stalls separated by meter and a half will be set up on a 31,000 square meter surface


The Municipal Police will be responsible for controlling the capacity, assisted by volunteers from Civil Protection, as is done in the rest of the markets.

All vendor positions have been moved from their usual location to new locations.

Traders complain that the new stalls have not been properly marked on the road.

This will cause problems to identify them tomorrow when the sale goods are to be unloaded and the unloading of merchandise and the removal of vehicles from the road will also be delayed.

Regarding the layout, there

will be 81 positions in the Plaza de Cascorr

or, 190 in Ribera de Curtidores, 82 in Vara del Rey, 120 in Campillo del Nuevo Mundo, 16 in Carlos Arniches between Mira el Río Alta and Carnero and 11 in Mira the Rio Baja with Carnero.

The El Rastro Punto Es Association, the Argatsana Association and the Independent Rastro Association have congratulated themselves for the reopening of the market after several months of struggle in which they have denounced that the City Council

"wanted to dismember it into five mini-markets

isolated from each other and disconnected from the rest. from the historic space of El Rastro and move 200 stalls 20 minutes from the Rastro epicenter, in addition to taking all stalls to raffle ".

That is why they are happy to have preserved "this space that is

the cultural heritage of the city of Madrid and an international icon

and to have prevented the 300-year history and culture of this emblem of the city from being erased".

In addition, they remember that many of them have gone into debt and in some cases have been

in the hunger queues

and in the food banks.

In addition, they have thanked the citizens for their support and the affection of the people of Madrid that "has given them the strength to be able to resist for so long even suffering from economic hardship.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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