There is still a lack of knowledge about why the infection re-enters nursing homes and why some homes are hit harder than others.

- It is very, very difficult once you have contracted the infection in nursing homes because those who live in nursing homes are so fragile, says Marta Szebehely, professor emeritus of social work at Stockholm University. 

The news agency TT has reviewed the National Board of Health and Welfare's statistics on this autumn's deaths and the picture is clear.

Just as during the great peak of spring, it is now when the curves go up again that a large proportion of the elderly among those who die.

- There are some knowledge gaps that I think are problematic.

We still know very little about what it looks like in different nursing homes.

It is about all those responsible really seeing how vulnerable the elderly care is and giving the staff all the support they can only get in this situation, says Marta Szebehely.

During the spring pandemic wave, as I said, the elderly were particularly vulnerable.

In Storuman, they managed to keep the infection away from nursing homes for a long time.

- It is of course difficult to fully prevent, but we are grateful that we have kept it away from both Storuman and our nursing homes for as long as we have done.

But we must unfortunately state that now we have this, says Patrik Nilsson, acting head of social affairs at Storuman.