Cheering is pouring out to couples who have kept their consciences without wishing for good luck.

On the 18th of the local time, foreign media such as CNN in the United States said that a couple who moved from buying a house in South Carolina found a built-in shed full of gold and silver treasures.

Her husband, Mr. James, found this built-in wardrobe while looking at every corner of the house to plan a moving house.

When I counted it with my wife, there were 46 gold coins and 18 silver coins. Although I could feel the traces of the years, it seemed to be a very expensive item to the eyes of two people who were not interested in collecting coins.

In fact, because the Munfords bought a house, they were legally able to claim ownership of the items found in the house, but they did not. He immediately contacted the former landlord and offered to return the coins.

The former landlord, who didn't even know he left the coins in a hurry to pack the move, was impressed with the couple's honesty. The former landlord came in one month to receive the coins and said, "Honestly, even if I just sold this, I wouldn't know. These are rare conscientious people. Thank you very much." All of the coins are rare collectibles made in the 1800s, and it is known that the transaction price is 25,000 dollars and the amount of Korean money is 28 million won.

The Munfords said, "I never thought that it could be ours from the time I first discovered it. I thought it was like a treasure inherited by the family of my former landlord, and of course I planned to return it."

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(Photo ='Clarrisa Munford' Facebook, CNN website capture)