China News Service, November 21 (Reporter Chen Jing) At a press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Shanghai on the 21st, Zhang Wenhong, the leader of the Shanghai new crown pneumonia clinical treatment expert team, said that with the arrival of winter, the global epidemic The spread of imported cases will increase the risk of imported cases.

Zhang Wenhong said, "The emergence of this case once again confirms the existence of risks since this winter and spring, especially related to logistics and cold chain. All parts of the country will face this risk."

  Recently, there have been several local cases in Shanghai, arousing public concern.

Li Guohua, deputy district governor of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, said that judging from the residence, workplace, trajectory of the two confirmed cases and the epidemiological investigations currently available, there is currently no clue indicating that the two confirmed cases and Zhuqiao Township The cases in Yingqian Village are related.

Zhang Wenhong said: According to all current trajectories and flow adjustment results, the sporadic cases that appeared this time did not see the intersection with the previous case.

Chen Jing

  In this regard, Zhang Wenhong said: "About two weeks ago, a case occurred in Shanghai Pudong Airport. The handling of that case has ended very successfully today. The quarantine period is about to end and no new cases have been found. It means that our first wave of rapid treatment and prevention and control of new cases is very effective." Zhang Wenhong said: According to all the current trajectories and flow adjustment results, the sporadic cases that have appeared this time have not been compared with the previous case. Of intersection.

He said: "We will continue to complete the traceability of this case." The overall strategy can achieve rapid response and precise prevention and control, ensuring that people live a life under the new normal prevention and control.

However, the public must keep in mind the hygiene habits cultivated during the epidemic.

At the press conference, Zhang Wenhong emphasized good hygiene habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, opening windows regularly for ventilation, protection against sneezing, and maintaining social distance as much as possible.

  At the press conference, Wu Jinglei, director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said that the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission will strengthen the training of medical staff.

The ability of medical staff is very important for the early identification and diagnosis of cases.

Regardless of the case in Yingqian Village, Zhuqiao Town, or the two cases today, the medical staff discovered it immediately.

  He said that in the training, the national prevention and control plan and diagnosis and treatment plan should be taken as the key content that medical staff should know and should meet. Through training, medical staff will always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, and seek medical consultation and dig out epidemic history. Be vigilant in other areas; it is very important to improve the monitoring of suspicious cases, and it is necessary to play the role of "monitoring sentry".

  Wu Jinglei said that Shanghai will strengthen the empowerment of science and technology, and has installed and used a "febrile patient registration and reporting system based on the HIS system of medical institutions" throughout the city's fever clinics.

  According to reports, this system can quickly detect and report suspicious fever cases; at the same time, health administrative departments and disease control agencies can collect, summarize, and analyze multiple cases, more accurately study and judge the development of the epidemic, and take accurate and effective prevention in time. Control measures to ensure safer city operations.