Janita Sallis, 29, had a lot of clothes in her wardrobe that she didn’t wear - but that she didn’t even scrape about.

When there was no time or motivation to do a one-time large cleaning of the wardrobe, Janita came up with an ingenious trick that allowed her to trim her closet with little effort.

Janita got her wardrobe tidy and also shared her tricks on Facebook, in the Children's Family Decorating and Organizing Tips (not Children's Rooms) group.

Here's how Janita's method works:

Janita used her clothes normally as well, but she left the clothes from the laundry in the laundry basket.

It usually ends up with clothes that need to be worn often.

Once the garment had ended up in the laundry, it was no longer allowed to be re-used.

When Janita was only allowed to wear the clothes found in her wardrobe, she noticed after a month that the best and most comfortable had been used.

There were no more uncomfortable or unsuitable clothes left.

- The method allows the wardrobe to be cleaned in addition to normal everyday life.

The method, however, requires a bit of restraint so as not to take your favorite clothes out of the laundry basket, Janita says.

Janita cut down on her wardrobe and found three bags of flea marketable stuff in addition to the rags.Photo: Janita's home album

Pile of too small jeans

Within a month, Janita was able to make an inventory almost unnoticed.

It made you notice what clothes would no longer be worn.

- The remaining ill-fitting shirts and running jeans were sadly removed.

I had a lot of pretty nice clothes that I couldn’t combine with anything.

Now my clothes work with each other and are easy to find.

Janita was left with mostly easy casual clothes, such as tunics and leggings, which are easy to wear with children in the playground.

- I noticed that the jeans are hardly worn anymore.

most of the Juhlavaatteistakin left unused, because I usually stay at home with the children.

If there are a few parties a year, there is no need to have ten different parties in the closet.


 The clothing size of the jeans was closer to the size of my daughter than mine.

Janita left three of her favorite outfits in the closet.

A pile of small jeans was also found in the closet.

- I showed the man jokes about small jeans to see if they would be saved for our daughter.

The clothing size of the jeans was closer to the size of my daughter than mine.

Three bags for the flea market

Janita plans to sell her useless clothes at the flea market.

- Three Ikea bags were sold for clothes for sale.

Those who don’t go to the store go to the clothing store.

I am going to put the clothes in poor condition and lint in textile recycling.

There is no joy in a closet from a fluffy shirt.

It could be worn as a nightgown, but it shouldn't be worn, Janita says.

Enthusiastic about the method, Janita plans to go through the wardrobes of her husband and two young children next.

- The girl's clothes break and get stained often.

I take the ragged clothes directly to textile recycling.

- I'll be stressed if someone's closet is messy and I don't know how to clean it.

I felt relieved when I realized that it is really possible to make the wardrobe work.

I noticed that I have really nice clothes.

The story was previously published on the Me Women website in April 2018.