Up to 1000 test persons are to test armbands in Kiel this year, with which chains of infection can be tracked digitally.

Research by WELT AM SONNTAG shows that.

The pilot study is supported by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Some of the bracelets are to be distributed to older people via the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund.

The use in outpatient care services as well as in senior facilities is tested.

When it comes to tracking, wristbands could be a replacement for those who have no or only an older smartphone and cannot use the Corona warning app.

For several months, a project team of researchers and IT specialists in Kiel has been developing a bracelet that is supposed to track infection chains with the help of Bluetooth - just like the warning app.

In October, the University of Kiel received a positive funding notification from the Federal Ministry of Health for almost 100,000 euros for one year.

A duration of three months is planned.

This is what the bracelets look like to be used

Source: ADDIX / Karlheinz Hagen


When asked, the Federal Ministry of Health confirmed WELT AM SONNTAG that a “larger-scale pilot should begin this year”.

The main aim of the funding is to test whether the bracelet and the corona warning app are "interoperable", i.e. whether the data exchange between the two surfaces works - and how high the level of user acceptance is.

You can read the research on this news in WELT AM SONNTAG.

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