M / S Viking Grace has run aground off Åland.

The ship came into ground today at 14.10 in the immediate vicinity of the port of Mariehamn, Viking Line informs.

The 218-meter-long vessel was handed over to Viking Line in January 2013 and operates on the route Turku – Åland – Stockholm.

The Viking Grace is designed for 2,800 passengers and 200 crew members.

The ship is modern because it is the world’s first passenger ship to use liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is lower in emissions than traditional marine fuels.

When she graduated, Grace was a pioneer in other areas as well.

The ship was the world’s first passenger ship to be fitted with a mechanical rotor sail.

The rotor sail of the Finnish Norsepower utilizes the power of the wind, saving fuel and thus reducing emissions.

The rotor sail was first used on April 12, 2018.

According to Viking Line, the ship is the quietest in the Baltic Sea.

The hull is hydrodynamically optimized to minimize fuel consumption.

In addition to this, the wave formation of the ship is kept to a minimum, which is important when operating in the archipelago.

The new cruise ship, named Viking Glory, ordered by Viking Line, is scheduled to start operating between Turku and Stockholm at the beginning of 2021.

M / S Viking Grace

Number of lids: 13

Length 218 meters

Width 31.8 meters

Height 47 meters

Draft 6.8 meters

4 × Wärtsilä 8L50DF diesel engine (main fuel LNG)

Ice classification 1A Super

Speed ​​22 knots

Cabins 880, cabin places for 2 980 persons

Passengers 2,800, crew about 200 people.

Cargo capacity 1,275 m

Source: Wikipedia.