The former Companion of the Liberation Daniel Cordier, secretary of Jean Moulin, died Friday at the age of 100.

While a national tribute must be paid to him, the curator of the Museum of the Order of the Liberation recalls on Europe 1 that he had largely devoted his life to publicizing the battles of Jean Moulin.

"We owe him our freedom and our honor."

Emmanuel Macron greeted Friday the memory of Daniel Cordier, the former Companion of the Liberation, to whom a national tribute will be paid.

Daniel Cordier died on November 20 at the age of 100.

He had joined the Resistance, before becoming Jean Moulin's secretary.

The fate of these two men is now linked, according to Vladimir Trouplin, the curator of the Museum of the Order of the Liberation.

"We cannot dissociate his image from that of Jean Moulin. Firstly because they worked as closely as possible in the Resistance, for ten months, until the arrest of Jean Moulin", recalls this historian.

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A life dedicated to making known the work of Jean Moulin

"The other reason is that in addition to a great career as a gallery owner and art lover after the war, Daniel Cordier became Jean Moulin's historian-biographer. He did a job of quite exceptional research based on a considerable amount of archives, "recalls Vladimir Trouplin.

"One of the fights in Daniel Cordier's life was also to discover the story of his boss, that is to say of Jean Moulin."

Today, only one Companion of the Liberation remains alive.

This is Hubert Germain, who celebrated his 100th birthday on August 6.