Isabelle Fouillot, Alexia Daval's mother, during the trial in Vesoul.



After trying in vain to obtain new explanations for the murder of her daughter Alexia, Isabelle Fouillot wished this Friday a "good stay in prison" to Jonathann Daval at the helm of the Assize Court of Haute-Saône.

"I think Alexia wanted to go, is that why you killed her?"

", Questioned Isabelle Fouillot who spoke directly in a soft voice to her former son-in-law, refusing to believe that her daughter was killed for" simple words ... "

"No", answered categorically Jonathann Daval who had admitted Thursday for the first time to have voluntarily "given death" to his wife by strangling her after an argument.

“It's an argument Isabelle, you have to believe, it's an argument.

(…) I lost my footing.

It all came out in me, all those years of anger that I stored up, these reproaches, ”he said.

" Such a waste.

You destroyed Alexia and you destroyed us too, "said Isabelle Fouillot, this time adding coldly:" I wish you a good stay in prison Jonathann.



Jonathann Daval admits having wanted to "kill" his wife Alexia


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