A police officer on duty in Lyon.


Caroline Girardon

Mimicry or unconsciousness?

Last weekend, during a road check, the police arrested and took into custody a mother of a family who was driving drunk in Givors (Rhône) near Lyon, with her daughter in the car .

The day after the incident, the police, called in for an accident, again checked the vehicle, driven not by the mother this time, but by the 16-year-old girl, also heavily alcoholic, reports

Le Progress. 

The young girl, arrested after hitting a wall in the town, would have little appreciated the intervention of the police and would have insulted them before spitting in their vehicle.

Prosecuted, among others, for rebellion, contempt, driving without a license and in a state of intoxication, the young girl was presented to the public prosecutor's office this week, with a view to the opening of legal proceedings against her.

His mother is to be summoned to appear before an officer of the judicial police soon, according to the regional daily.


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