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The police arrested him in September after three years on the run.

It is a big fish of drug trafficking in Toulouse which was tried Thursday by the criminal court.

Hamza Abbou, 25 years old and nicknamed "the Botch", had been wanted since 2017. He was tried Thursday for drug trafficking and arms trafficking, reports

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Business and marketing acumen

This young Toulouse man managed a big deal point in the Mirail district from 2014 to 2017. After starting at the bottom of the ladder as a lookout, he quickly progressed and took the reins of this juicy traffic which brought him nearly 10,000 euros per month.

It is especially by his sense of business and marketing that the accused stood out in the community.

It was he who developed the flyers for the customers of the dealers and the branded pouches.

Hamza Abbou downplayed his role in court on Thursday, ensuring that he was accountable and paid money to people higher up.

Arms trafficking from prison

And even in prison in 2017, the trafficker retained control of the drug trafficking of the Varese route, while carrying out arms trafficking.

At his side on Thursday, a young woman from Colomiers, considered a nanny, was on trial after the discovery in 2018 of a dozen machine guns in her garage.

Facts disputed by the two defendants.

The kingpin was finally sentenced to five years in prison for trafficking in arms and 9 years for trafficking in drugs.


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