Su Zhenchang's wickedness cannot escape the historical trial (Sun Moon Talk)

  As the saying goes, "Don't watch the trouble today, be careful to pull the list in the future."

For the "Taiwan independence" elements who are making troubles, the day of calculating the general ledger is probably not far away.

According to the Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, the mainland is studying and formulating a list of "Taiwan Independence" diehards, and is taking severe measures against diehards involved in "independence" seeking "independence" bad words and deeds and their main supporters, including in accordance with the "Anti-Secession Law". "And the "Criminal Law" and "National Security Law" related to "secession crimes" and other provisions are brought to justice and held accountable for life.

  As the DPP came to power for the second time in 2016, the "Taiwan independence" forces on the island became more and more confident. They frantically instigated an atmosphere of "anti-China and enmity", frequently purchased arms in an attempt to escort "Taiwan independence", and stepped up ties with external forces and continued to provoke. , And even tried in vain to promote "de jure Taiwan independence" through "constitutional amendment" and "referendum," repeatedly challenging the mainland's bottom line and pushing cross-strait relations to the edge of danger.

  We solemnly warn the separatist forces of "Taiwan independence" not to underestimate the strong will and determination of the 1.4 billion Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The formulation of the list of diehards of "Taiwan independence" is precisely to declare to them that the sword of Damocles above their heads has been hung high, and if they do evil, they will suffer the consequences.

  Who is the chief culprit in damaging cross-strait relations, and who should be included in the list?

Taiwanese media have long pointed out that Su Zhenchang, the head of Taiwan's administrative agency, has done a lot of "independence", and people of insight have called out to "dismantle the bomb of Su Zhenchang."

  In response to Hong Kong media reports, Su Zhenchang clamored to "hold on Taiwan to protect the people and not yield to mighty power."

The people of Taiwan did not buy it, and mocked him for "deceiving the gods and the people."

Su Zhenchang once vowed not to run for the third time before she turned around and turned her back on her promise.

Because of Su Zhenchang's liar nature, some people use "Su-style lies" to point out the shamelessness of his words.

  At the beginning of the administration, Su Zhenchang spread rumors and lied, "The mainland does not prevent African swine fever, but also let dead pigs float to Taiwan." Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, he has "seeking independence with the epidemic" without any lower limit. Deliberately use the term "Wuhan pneumonia" to spread rumors that the mainland "concealed the epidemic" and "blocked Taiwanese compatriots in Hubei."

By creating lies to incite discrimination and hatred, using the epidemic to increase cross-strait antagonism, and worsen the atmosphere of cross-strait relations, his cold-blooded and vicious nature has been exposed.

  At the most critical juncture of epidemic prevention in the mainland, Su Zhenchang strictly forbids the export of masks on the island, watching the fire from the shore, with sinister intentions.

He repeatedly prevented thousands of Taiwan compatriots in Hubei from returning home, and even put them on the "notice control list" for complete blockade.

He also set restrictions in every way, causing Lu Sheng to return to school and report to school, Lu Pei and his children have nowhere to return home and reunion, which shows that his humanity is annihilated and his morals are degraded.

  Su Zhenchang fully cooperated with the U.S. strategy of dumping the epidemic on the mainland, arbitrarily "uniting the United States against China" and constantly provoking the mainland.

Confidently backed by American anti-China forces, Su Zhenchang's "Taiwan independence" tune has been raised repeatedly.

The mainland solemnly commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Volunteers’ departure to fight against the US and aid Korea. Su Zhenchang deliberately pretended not to use war to threaten the people of Taiwan.

  Taking advantage of the so-called "Chinese Military Power Evaluation Report" published by the United States, Su Zhenchang viciously attacked the mainland, exposing the nature of his stubborn "independence" once again.

He also extended his black hand to cross-strait non-governmental exchanges, asking Taiwan's colleges and universities to investigate whether the "One Middle School" is involved in cross-strait academic exchanges, and perversely engage in "green terror".

Recently, Taiwan's legislature has attempted to "amend the constitution" to promote "de jure Taiwan independence." Su Zhenchang has also mobilized the green camp to cheer up and help.

  "Taiwan independence" is so poisonous!

Su Zhenchang's "poison" has penetrated into his bones.

He was not only a founding member of the DPP, but also included in the "Four Kings of the DPP". As early as when Ma Ying-jeou was in power, he said that "Taiwan has long been a sovereign and independent country", and was restored when he was the chairman of the DPP. "The Ministry of Chinese Affairs" implied that the two sides of the strait are "state to state" relations.

Judging from his political experience, Su Zhenchang's "Taiwan Independence" has long been hopeless.

  He graduated from the Law Department of National Taiwan University and was born as a lawyer, but he always turned back on factual reasons, slandered, planted and slandered at every turn. This shows that he is shameless, full of personal calculations, and full of political poison.

This is the same crime as destroying cross-strait relations and harming the well-being of the people on the island.

It is two crimes to hype up the atmosphere of "fear and hatred" and to alienate the flesh and blood between the two sides of the strait.

Collaborating with external forces to seek "independence" provocation and vainly attempt to kidnap Taiwanese society are three crimes.

Nothing can escape the trial of history.

  "Taiwan independence" is the greatest scourge to Taiwan compatriots, and it is also the greatest threat to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

I believe that the vast majority of Taiwan compatriots can clearly recognize the vicious actions of Su Zhenchang and his like and will never allow their treacherous tricks to succeed.

The sharp sword pointing to "Taiwan independence" is waiting to be unsheathed, and the magic sprite will be invisible.

Yu Xiao

Yu Xiao