In America, everything is bigger.

In the world of sports, star players are not the only ones who make fabulous sums.

Experts and the best commentators also live extensively.

The New York Post reported on Wednesday that CBS channel narrator star Jim Nantz wants a wild increase in his already plump $ 6.5 million annual salary.

In his new contract, Nantz wants as much as $ 17.5 million in earnings - the same amount that his expert colleague Tony Romo earns.

Nantz and Romo cover the NFL matches of American football on CBS.

Matches routinely gather well over 10 million pairs of eyes at the screen.

Romo is a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

He began TV work in the 2017 season, right after the end of his player career, and rose directly to CBS’s number one reporting team alongside Nantz.

As a commentator on Nantz’s narratives, Romo quickly became a popular favorite, gathering extra viewers around the screen.

Romo is so popular as an expert that last winter media giant ESPN offered Romo up to $ 14 million a season if he switched to the bread of the channel.

CBS responded by hitting more than $ 17 million on the table, leaving Romo on a familiar channel.

Nantz, 61, whose Super Bowl reviews have also been heard in Finland, has been a commentator on CBS bread since 1985.

For many Americans, in addition to the NFL, he is the official voice of the golf major Masters and the super-popular Final Four of college basketball.

Now, the favorite commentator wants to get alongside his 40-year-old pair of rods in road fluids.

He described the Masters played last weekend in a familiar way and thus could not explain his weekly NFL match with Romo.

The Post reported that CBS was planning to move Romo alongside another channel narrator as an expert for one match.

This didn’t suit Nantz, but according to the Post, Nantz insisted that if he’s sidelined from the NFL game, so is Romo.

The magazine describes Nantz as “protecting” when it comes to his collaboration with the former Cowboys star.

CBS bowed to the demand of its narrator star, and thus the American public was not allowed to hear their favorite Rome’s collaboration with another narrator.

Went in the negotiations one way or another, Nantz should get a plush salary increase anyway.

Currently, the payroll for commentators is Fox’s NFL and baseball voice Joe Buck.

Buck reportedly earns about $ 10.5 million a year.