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"Hello, hello, hello."

RuPaul fans know by heart the greeting of the American entertainer in his television contest 'Drag race'.

And soon they will be able to know how it adapts to Spanish when the space disembarks in our country, as announced this Monday by ATresMedia.

All this, in the middle of the celebration of the

60th birthday of the best known 'drag queen' of all time.

'RuPaul's drag race', which has been in the United States for six seasons, is a contest in which different participants fight to be the most impressive and spectacular 'drag queen'.

Something that

RuPaul Andre Charles

knows a little about.

Born in San Diego (California) to an African-American family from Louisiana (his name is a tribute to the French 'roux' that is still cooked there as a heritage of the Gallic heritage in the area), RuPaul studied in Atlanta and settled in New Yok , where he participated in the 'balls' scene and in transformism festivals such as Wigstock.

In 1993 he released his first album, 'Supermodel of the world', which came with a theme, 'Supermodel (You Better Work)', very popular on MTV and the music video networks of the time.

This caught the attention of

Elton John

, who signed her for the 'remake' of his 1976 hit 'Don't go breaking my heart'.

If in the first version it was Kiki Dee who gave the replica to the genius of glasses and keys, this time it was up to the Californian.

This contributed to removing the 'drag' culture from the ghetto and marginality, once restricted to certain environments, such as male and transsexual prostitution.

Dressing up as a woman became a happy and colorful experience with RuPaul

, who spread a positive message that reached the whole world.

The abundance of restaurants, cabarets and theatrical shows animated by 'drags' is proof of that impact.

The culmination has been 'RuPaul's drag race', which has garnered

eight Emmys

and has launched a generation of 'drag queens' and transsexuals to stardom, despite the emcee's troubled relationship with the latter community.

RuPaul is homosexual and 'drag', but he has always defended a 'soft' approach to the problems of the 'trans' collective, facing more belligerent positions, and defends that transformism is also a protest act that questions the 'status quo'.

Politically, he is a firm detractor of Donald Trump and actively participates in registration campaigns so that his compatriots can exercise their right to vote.

In 2017 she married Georges LeBar after 23 years of dating


They both have a gigantic ranch in Wyoming where they have authorized drilling for 'fracking'.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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