Two men were taken into custody for domestic violence last weekend in Toulouse.




Two men were to be tried this Tuesday afternoon in immediate appearance in Toulouse.

One of them threatened to disembowel his 20-year-old former partner with a knife, around half past midnight in the night from Saturday to Sunday, at Le Mirail.

Four months pregnant with the 30-year-old man, she was prescribed ITT one day after the latter sat on her stomach.

The young woman managed to escape to contact the police.

When she returned to her apartment, her drunken ex was breaking everything.

Arrested shortly after, the thirty-something is already known to the police.

The barrel on the temple

In another district of Toulouse, in the Château de l'Hers sector, a 51-year-old man threatened his ex-girlfriend, also in her fifties, on Saturday around 10:30 p.m., after learning that she had started a new relationship.

He stuck the barrel of an alarm pistol to her temple, before threatening her with a knife.

The fifty-year-old then returned home to lay down his weapons, before being arrested by the anti-crime brigade (BAC).

Since the re-containment on October 30, the online reporting platform for sexual and gender-based violence has recorded a 15% increase in calls from victims at the national level, Marlène Schiappa, Minister responsible for Citizenship, said on Tuesday.

Victims, like witnesses, can also call 17. If it is not possible for them to make a call, they can send an SMS to 114. In addition, an anonymous and free listening number exists: 39 19.


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