The Counter-Strike team, introduced by ENCE in April 2018, became the most successful of all time in Finland in just under a year.

Aleksi ”allu” Jallin, Jere ”Sergej” Salon, Jani ”Aerial” Jussilan, Sami ”xseveN” Laasanen and Aleksi “Aleksib” In the beginning of 2019, the Estonian rose to the elite of the world.

The ferocious flight began in February-March with a major value tournament played in Katowice, where ENCE sensationally placed second.

It was followed by several medal places from top tournaments as well as the BLAST Pro Series: Madrid Championship.

There is only one player left from the legendary line-up: 28-year-old Jalli, who has been ENCE’s only steady performer this year.

All the other major silver team players have disappeared alongside this for various reasons, one at a time.

ENCE's CS team photographed in December 2019. Pictured from left: Slaava “Twista” Räsänen, Jani ”Aerial” Jussila, Aleksi ”allu” Jalli, Jere ”Sergej” Salo, Sami ”xseveN” Laasanen and Miikka ”suNny” Kemppi.Photo: Tuomo Väkevä / ENCE

The line-up played for the last time together on Thursday, September 5, 2019. IS goes through where the roads of Salo, Jussila, Laasanen and Virolainen have led.

In August 2019, the Estonian was announced to make room for Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, which was bought abroad.

The firing of the Estonian was one of the biggest topics of conversation of the year, and it still comes up at regular intervals.

In December 2019, the Estonian officially became the captain of the OG CS team.

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Laasanen, on the other hand, had to make room for Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen this spring.

After Olkkonen's accession, Laasanen only played in the major qualifiers, which are affected by Olkkonen's controversial ban.

In August, ENCE announced that it had traded Laasanen to the competing HAVU team.

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At the end of October, Jussila announced that he would be on indefinite sick leave.

The reason was not stated.

Many believe that Jussila has already played his last games at ENCE.

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The latest player to leave ENCE’s active line-up is 18-year-old Jere “Sergej” Salo, who announced today that he will retire for a long break due to motivation problems.

He is applying for a new enthusiasm for gaming from the military service starting in January 2021.

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Currently, ENCE's CS line-up consists of Jalli, Kemppi, Olkkonen and Joonas “doto” Forss, who joined the line-up in early November shortly after Jussila's announcement.

Salo and Jussila still have agreements with ENCE.

The team is currently coached by Eetu “sAw” Saha, who replaced Slaava “Twista” Räsänen, who was forced to become an analyst at the beginning of November.

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The past year has been very difficult for Finland's most successful CS team.

Most of the tournaments have ended in the last places or immediately in the opening rounds of the playoffs.

The only really tough accomplishment has been winning the Spring BLAST Premier League Showdown qualifier.

In the qualifying tournament, ENCE won SAw, Astralis, Mousesports and MAD Lions and played equally against NiP and Vitality.

The last time of the ENCE year is 30 November to 6 December.

playable DreamHack Masters Winter, where Tuomas “SADDYX” Louhimaa will play instead of Salo.

Louhimaa, 19, is on loan from the SJ Gaming team during the tournament.