Former Dutch boxing champion Ruby Meso - nicknamed "Mrs. Tyson" - expressed her overwhelming happiness after officially converting to Islam and in front of witnesses.

Ruby said in a comment on a picture of her in front of a mosque in the Netherlands, which she posted on her official page on Instagram on Monday:

"After training for years, I am very proud that I finally officially converted to Islam."

"I previously said the martyrdom myself, but now I officially say it in the mosque with witnesses. God willing, I am happy," she added.

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Social media users circulated pictures of the Dutch boxer wearing the hijab inside the mosque in which she was present, in order to teach her the two certificates and convert to Islam.

Tunisian boxing champion Hadi Sulaimani interacted with Ruby declaring her Islam, commenting in a post on his Facebook page: "The former Dutch boxing woman, Ruby, converted to Islam yesterday in a mosque in the Netherlands. God is Great. God guides whomever He wills, may God protect her and accept her."