U.S. Army veteran Gregory Lloyd Edwards died in a cell in the U.S. in the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida in December 2018. However, the events that preceded Edwards ’death only became clear last Friday.

Prior to Friday, authorities refused to publish a surveillance camera recording showing what was happening in the cell.

In several articles, the newspaper Florida Today tried to find out how the events had progressed.

The magazine also filed a lawsuit against the sheriff's office's decision not to publish the recording.

The lawsuit paid off, and on Friday, Wayne Ivey, Sheriff of Brevard County, released the tape.

The Washington Post reported on the matter.

The video, which lasts a total of two hours, shows how Edward is calmly in the cell at first, but later starts hacking the cell of the cell.

When the clerk tries to take Edwards to be photographed, a fight begins.

Several officers are involved in the situation.

One of the officers sprays Edwards with pepper spray and the other uses a remote paralyzer on him.

Edwards is then tied to a chair and a hood is placed on his face so he doesn’t spit at them.

In the chair, Edwards seems to have difficulty breathing.

Selli’s staff regularly visits Cell’s window, but no one helps Edwards.

Eventually, one of the officers finds out that Edwards has stopped moving and the nurse goes to the cell.

Edwards was taken to the hospital where he was found dead.

Sheriff Ivey previously refused to release the video, arguing that the safety of the pipe staff would be compromised if it were revealed what it looks like inside the pipe.

Ivey also relied on reports from his own agency, the prosecutor's office, and the Florida law enforcement agency, which found police use of force in the situation to be justified.

However, according to Florida Today, police violated at least 14 laws in the situation.

Edwards was arrested in a commercial parking lot because he was suspected of assaulting a charity worker.

According to Randy Foster, a police force expert interviewed by the Washington Post, police should have handled the situation differently from the start.

Edwards ’wife Kathleen told police her husband had been diagnosed with a traumatic stress disorder.

According to Edwards' family, he should have been taken for treatment instead of Sell.

The police officer in charge did not respond to Washington Post's contact regarding the matter.

George Floyd Taylor and Breonna cases are Washington Post reports that the United States raised concerns the lack of transparency of police use of force and got to pay attention to Edwards' case, such as the less well-known detention deaths.

Both Floyd and Taylor died as a result of police use of force.

Edwards, like Floyd and Taylor, was dark-skinned.