Illustration of a police vehicle during a night check.


E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

Sheep thefts have increased in recent years in western France but it is often difficult for the police to find the perpetrators.

The national police were more fortunate, on the night of Thursday to Friday, in Angers, seeing two individuals with suspicious behavior in the Deux Croix-Banchais district, she reports.

The police therefore checked the two men and discovered a sheep in their car with its legs tied by a rope, but alive and well.

However, they also found, right next to the vehicle, a garbage bag containing the bloody remains of a freshly skinned sheep.

The ruminants had been stolen in Angers on an eco-grazing site, the police said.

The sheep found alive was returned to its owner.

As for the two individuals, they were taken into custody for questioning.

They were finally released after the investigation with a court summons for theft and animal cruelty.


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