Stina Nilsson can sigh with relief as the debut race as a biathlete is happily over.

Nilsson finished 11th at the opening of the Swedish season in Idre.

- I am glad that I dared to change the type of the spring, and the first race is over.

Now I can continue this for many years, Nilsson, 27, said.

Nilsson is the Olympic champion in cross-country sprinting, but he was no longer fascinated enough by skiing.

Shooting coach Jean-Marc Chabloz estimated earlier this week that Nilsson has learned to shoot amazingly fast.

In Idre, Nilsson shot two fines lying down and one upright.

Nilsson even survived a loading error at the last firing point, and didn’t panic in the new situation.

- Impressive, Chabloz commented on Idre's race.

The race was won by purely shooter Hanna Öberg, Olympic cross-country biathlon champion 2018 from Pyeongchang.