The alarm came at 06 o'clock on Saturday morning.

- Several people call for a loud bang.

On the spot, you can confirm that there was some form of detonation in a stairwell, says police spokesman Magnus Jansson Klarin.

General destruction

The police are on site with several patrols and a roadblock has been set up.

At present, there is no information on personal injuries, however, there has been material damage.

At present, it is unclear what has detonated.

According to information to Aftonbladet, it must be a hand grenade?

- I can neither confirm nor deny that, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.

The police have cordoned off an area around the affected property.

Photo: Christoffer Urborn / SVT

General destruction

During the morning, the residents of the property were housed.

- They were asked to stay indoors, says Magnus Jansson Klarin.

The incident is classified as general destruction.

At 07.30 no one was a suspect or arrested in the case.