Since March, the work situation in the laboratory at Sahlgrenska University Hospital has been very strained due to all the thousands of covid tests to be analyzed and a shortage of staff.

After a calmer period in July and August, sampling increased in September and now the situation is once again under great pressure.

Sahlgrenska's lab employs 35 people who analyze 5,000 covid tests every week.

The hard pressure has led to three of the staff being on sick leave.

Marie Karlsson, biomedical analyst at Sahlgrenska, is one of them.

- I know that there are many who are in the danger zone but who are still working, she says.

Hear Marie Karlsson talk in the clip about her work situation at the lab at Sahlgrenska.

"Trying to increase the number of employees"

Operations Manager Peter Brodin is concerned about the staff's work situation.

- It is very sad that staff have been on sick leave.

Our employees do a fantastic job and we do not want more people to be on sick leave, he says.

What are you doing about this?

- We are first and foremost trying to increase the number of employees further and we will also send samples for analysis to other players in Europe.

We will start with that next week, says Peter Brodin.