Since the issuance of the “Opinions on Implementing the Spirit of the Important Instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Deeply Implementing the Spirit of the Eight Regulations of the Central Committee” by the National Supervision Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the State Grid Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team has continued to implement the spirit of the document and actively assisted the State Grid Party Group in its implementation and formulation Issued the "Notice on Implementing the Spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's Important Instructions and Deepening the Implementation of the Eight Spiritual Work Measures of the Central Committee", clarifying a number of specific measures, persevering in correcting the "four winds", and promoting the construction of party members and cadres in the State Grid system to achieve good results.

  Always implement strict thinking and strict standards to implement the spirit of the eight central regulations and correct the "four winds" throughout the work process.

Adhere to one node by one node, issue special notices before important holidays, strengthen reminders in time, interview the responsible comrades of key departments such as the company office, finance department, and logistics department, and urge party organizations at all levels to guide party members and cadres to consciously resist bad habits. Vigorously promote the new style and righteousness.

Detailed implementation of the "Work Opinions" spirit measures, formulate the "Implementation of the Central Government’s Eight Regulations Supervision and Inspection Work Guide", clarify 9 supervision templates for official reception, salary and benefits, and official vehicles, and refine 96 inspection contents to establish " The long-term mechanism of regular inspections, mandatory inspections on festivals, reporting on all inspections, and quick inspections and quick handling" and a duty system for checking and correcting the "four winds" during holidays guide the company's discipline inspection committees at all levels to conduct unified and standardized supervision and inspection.

Persist in solving one problem one by one.

In recent years, special rectifications have been carried out to address the illegal occupation of office space, illegal public funds for eating and drinking, illegal allocation of vehicles and vehicles, etc., focusing on solving one type of problem a year, and a total of 186 relevant personnel were accountable and handled.

Supervise relevant departments to formulate and implement 20 rectification measures and 37 rectification tasks.

  Develop a positive and negative list, and improve a long-term mechanism for style construction.

Solidly carry out the implementation of the eight regulations of the central government to "look back" to the construction of the spiritual system, promote the company's relevant departments to in-depth review of the system's lack of 10 system regulations including international exchanges and cooperation, further clarify related positive and negative requirements in the system.

Formulate positive and negative lists according to local conditions, urge all units of the company to further clarify policy requirements and boundaries in accordance with actual conditions, and improve the system of style construction and long-term mechanisms.

Based on the "Four Winds" issues that are prone to frequent occurrences during important holidays, the station team has formulated a negative list of clean festivals-the "16 prohibited" disciplinary requirements.

Relevant units of the State Grid system have listed a number of positive and negative lists around the aspects of "implementing the spirit of the eight central regulations", "going abroad (border) on business", and "reception on official business". "List", clarify the positive and negative requirements of five aspects, including official reception, going abroad on business, weddings and funerals.

  Deepen the use of cases to promote reforms, and strive to achieve the unity of political effects, disciplinary effects and social effects.

While carrying out supervision, enforcement and accountability in accordance with regulations and laws, the company’s disciplinary inspection and supervision team formulated the “Implementation Measures for Deepening the Symptoms and Roots and Promoting Reform by Cases” to deepen the analysis and judgment of the occurrence of the “four winds”, focusing on official public vehicles , Office space, travel expense reimbursement, etc., issued 23 disciplinary inspection recommendations, supervision recommendations, etc., and urged the implementation of special investigations on private use of public vehicles, special rectification of excessive travel expenses, and special clearance of problems in the Beijing Office. Prevent problems at the source.

At the same time, increase the intensity of notification and exposure, and all typical cases of disciplinary violations that occurred after the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be notified and exposed, and warning education will be carried out.

(Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of State Grid Corporation of China)