George Lucas had clear plans for the plot twists in the Star Wars movies.

Had they come true, viewers would have gotten to a completely different kind of galaxy far, far somewhere.

In The Star Wars Archives: 1999-2005, Lucas tells the details he had planned for the 2005 Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

The creator of Star Wars had planned that Princess Leia would have been the real hero at the end of the film.

- He had to be elected, Lucas says in the book.

The Last Jedi.

General Leia.Image: null

Then Disney stepped into the picture and Lucasfilm merged with his entertainment giant.

The same store also went to Lucas ’plans, which he had honed for the last three movies.

With Disney’s decision, Lucas’s plot patterns disappeared, new characters were brought into the films, and Leia was baked by the rebel general, People magazine writes.

Lucas would have liked to bring Darth Maul back in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Maul was a villain who was only seen in the 1999 film Phantom Menace.

Instead, Star Wars fans were served by Grand Director Snoke, Kylo Ren, and Emperor Palpatine.

- Darth Maulin was supposed to be the godfather of the entire universe.

When the empire were defeated, he would take power, Lucas recalls.

Darth Maul is waiting for the Jedi in Theed's main hangar.

- Darth Mauli was supposed to have a schoolgirl, Darth House.

He does appear in comics.

He was supposed to be the new Darth Vader and all the action scenes were designed for him.

Disney manager Bob Iger says in his 2019 memoirs that Lucas felt betrayed when the company embraced his creation.

Iger recalls a meeting for The Hollywood Reporter in which he discussed with Lucas about The Force Awakens.

- Lucas charred as soon as we started introducing the plot.

He was disappointed that we didn’t use one of his stories.

- George knew that the agreement did not bind us to anything.

He still thought the acquisition would involve a tacit agreement to follow his plot patterns.

He was badly disappointed because they were thrown away.

- I was really careful not to mislead him in any way, but it could have been handled better, Iger admits.

- We inadvertently took a far too bumpy start to making a film series.