At the end of last year, a woman in her 90s received a late call that someone had withdrawn thousands of kronor from her account.

The voice on the phone pretended to be a police officer and urged the woman to collect her jewelry and bank cards in an envelope.

If she did not do so, she herself would be taken to the police station in a police car, the voice threatened, according to what the woman herself told in interrogation.

The voice also made her enter her credit card code.

Shortly afterwards, a man who also pretended to be a policeman came and picked up the envelope.

With the help of the woman's credit card, he then took out SEK 14,000 and tried to withdraw more.

In addition, the jewelry in the envelope is estimated to be worth SEK 30,000.

Second time in two days

Now a man in his 30s from the Helsingborg area has been convicted of gross fraud and pretending to be in a public position.

According to the verdict, it has been investigated that he was the one who picked up the envelope at the woman's home and took out money with her credit card.

The district court considers that it is aggravating that the fraud was directed at an old and unprotected person and that she was threatened to cooperate.

The man is sentenced to eight months in prison.

He must also pay SEK 51,000 in damages to the woman.

The same man was earlier this year convicted of attempted similar fraud.

This took place the day before the current case, but did not succeed.

It is not stated in the verdict who made the call to the woman.