As everyone knows, the infamous love story of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was full of tragic twists and turns.

The turmoil was fierce even before the wedding - at least if there is a belief in Diana’s credit astrology and friend Penny Thornton.

Thornton tells in The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess, published in Britain this week, that the princess had later entrusted her with the pre-wedding incident.

According to Thornton, Diana, grieving, had revealed to her that Prince Charles had shaken the icy comment the night before the fairytale wedding.

- Charles had told him the night before the wedding that he did not love Diana.

It was one of the most shocking things Diana told me, Thornton claims in the novelty documentary.

Diana's wedding dress was unparalleled. Photo: Mal Langsdon

Thornton thinks that behind the confession was Charles' desire to make the facts clear.

- I don't think Charles wanted to step on the altar with false expectations.

He wanted to make his feelings clear, and it was shocking for Diana, Thornton describes.

According to Thornton, the Prince's revelation even made Diana hesitate to get married.

- Diana wouldn't have wanted to get married in that state of mind.

He pondered not going to the wedding, Thornton claims.

This kiss is a thing of the past, but the truth behind happiness was different.Image: Magazine photo

Diana and Charles were inaugurated on July 29, 1981. The celebration was significant throughout Britain as it was declared a public holiday.

600,000 people had gathered on the streets, but the whole world took part in the fairytale wedding via television: as many as 750 million spectators.

However, the truth behind dream love was quite different.

At a party two days before the wedding, Charles is said to have danced with his future wife once.

Towards the end of the evening, he spun with his current wife, his then-admiration Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Charles & Diana: The Truth About Wedding documented earlier this year that Diana told her sisters two days before the wedding that she could not get married.

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Pictured above is Emma Corrin, who plays Princess Diana in the Thre Crown.

Diana and Charles ’alliance will also be peeked at the upcoming season of the popular The Crown, which will be released on Netflix on Sunday, November 15th.

In the series, Diana is played by Australian Emma Corrin.

A complete copy of Diana’s legendary wedding dress was also commissioned for the series.

Corrin recently revealed to fashion magazine Vogue that slipping into a wedding dress was a magical moment.

- We filmed a scene where she appears for the first time wearing a wedding dress.

I walked out and everyone was completely muted.

Along with all the outfits I wore in the filming, this was so ... looking like her, Corrin described.

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