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  • Coronavirus.María Jesús Montero announces that the Government will lower the VAT on masks from 21% to 4% hours after Adriana Lastra assures that it would be illegal

  • Tax.Hacienda did not make any formal consultation to Brussels about the VAT of the masks until 6 November

They are essential in our lives for months, but the Government does not clarify with them.

The masks have caused a drift in the Executive's speech, which ruled out their use in February to avoid scaremongering and ended up making them mandatory by decree.

The VAT is the last chapter of the swing: while Europe gave permission to lower the tax in April, the Treasury has waited until November, with a vaccine already announced, to finalize the reduction of VAT on masks.

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Adriana lastra

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the movement that is now considered valid.

Ten ways to rectify.

26 of February.

"It is not necessary"

"It makes no sense for the healthy population to use masks," says the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES),

Fernando Simon

, when asked about the need to use masks at a general level.

This day the first case of local contagion in Spain is certified.

March 24th.


Through the Twitter account of the Ministry of Health, it continues to emphasize that if the population is healthy "it is not necessary to wear a mask."

Spain has been in Spain for 10 days

state of alarm

by uncontrolled transmission of



April 7.


The Minister of Finance and spokesperson for the Executive,

Maria Jesus Montero

, considers that clarifying whether the population should wear a mask "would be speculating."

Three days later, the Minister of Health,

Salvador Illa

, recommends masks for the entire population, beyond the European advice to use them in public transport.

may 13th.

"With exceptions"

Simón, asked if the use of a mask will finally be mandatory, explains that "if it is decided, it would be necessary to assess very well how the exceptions are made explicit."

A week later, the BOE decrees the obligation to wear a mask in all spaces, open or closed, where the safety distance is not respected.

June 30th.

Government 'no'


leads to the Plenary of


the proposal to lower the VAT on masks to 4%.

It achieves the support of all groups, except those of the Government.



They are protected by European legislation: hyper-reduced VAT cannot be applied without modifying the regulations.


It has been weeks since the VAT has been reduced to 6%;




, at 0%, as in



September 2nd.

"Much more"

"It is scandalous that the VAT on masks, a staple product, is at 21%", says the second vice president and leader of

We can


Pablo Iglesias


It assumes that the Government wants to lower "much more" than 4%, and that for this reason they refused to accept the measure in June.

October 16.

Fault of europe

María Jesús Montero, takes refuge in


to talk about the claim to lower VAT on masks demanded by the opposition.

"It is not a decision of the Government of Spain; it is a matter of the European regulation."

On October 28, the Minister of Consumer Affairs,

Alberto Garzon

, considers in Congress that the price is high, so it is studying the reduction of its cost "for certain social sectors."

At that time, the Treasury ruled out the VAT reduction and thought of encouraging national production and lowering the maximum price.

November 3.

1,568 million

The Government registers in Congress the veto to the Citizens' amendment to lower VAT to 4%, claiming that, in addition to the fact that European legislation prevents it, the measure would mean "1,568 million less revenue per year."

The amendment would have been debated this Tuesday had it not been overthrown by the Executive.

On November 6, Europe is asked to approve it in writing.

On the 9th, the first vice president,

Carmen Calvo

, assumes that the Government "can consider" the reduction of VAT.

November 10.


Illa asks "prudence" about the reduction of VAT.

He admits that he is "working on several options to see" if it can be achieved.

Behind the

Minister council

, María Jesús Montero calls for "respect for the current legislation", and insists that the European regulation "prevents" the reduction of VAT on masks, which is why the Government has sent a letter "to confirm this point."

He announces that he values ​​a double way to lower the cost: the maximum price of the product will also be adjusted.

November 11th.

"The law"

The socialist spokesperson in Congress, Adriana Lastra, accuses other countries of "breaking the law."

"What we don't want to do is skip the legality; there are other countries that have done it, they don't care about European directives, but we do."

However, that same morning, during the presentation of the Budget project, Montero announced that the Council of Ministers will approve a Royal Decree to lower the VAT on masks to 4% after receiving the approval of Brussels.

The confirmation of the EU was already issued in April and several countries were welcomed to apply the reduction.

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