Sakari “Sakke” Pietilä, known as a hockey coach and expert, put his lifestyle in order under the guidance of wellness doctor Pippa Laukka in the You Are What you eat program.

Pietilä was a hard-working mover, but his diet and meal rhythm were badly wrong and unhealthy food had brought him extra pounds and alarming health problems.

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Laukka renewed Pietilä's diet, which included sausages, pizza and a lot of alcohol, and prepared a body care program for him.

Pietilä already trained 5-8 times a week, but because he didn't take much care of his body, the diet was wrong and his night's sleep was bad, his body did not recover from the strain.

Under Laukaa's leadership, Pietilä began to stretch and do exercises that promote mobility.

This is what Pietilä's weekly food diary looked like earlier.

Pietilä started following an 80/20 diet, where 80 percent of the food is healthy and 20 percent may be a little more unhealthy.

The important thing is that most of the meals are varied and health-promoting, so that even the delicacies can be successful.

After eight weeks of lifestyle repairs, Pietilä was like a new man.

For two months, he invested heavily in body care, improving his mobility, and a better diet.

There were also tears, as Pietilla sometimes ate donuts and enjoyed wine, but the results were still good.

- Wow, what a man!

Laukka sighed after seeing Pietilä changed.

Pippa Laukka introduced Sakari Pietilä to a new diet rich in fresh vegetables.

Pietilä said that her condition had improved dramatically, but felt that in reality the lifestyle change had only just begun.

He believed he had succeeded because he pledged to make a change and visibly kept his promise.

In two months, Pietilä's resting heart rate dropped to ten beats per minute, his body began to recover better and his sleep quality improved considerably.

The puck pro lost seven pounds and weighed 81 pounds at the end of the project.

He shed seven cents from his waist and reached his goal in less than a meter.

- I would still have liked a few cents, but let's move on, Pietilä regretted.

- I'm a doctor at that pretty super satisfied, and it means that you do not belong anymore to the highest risk group, Horse comforted.

Sakari Pietilä before his lifestyle change.

This is what Sakari Pietilä looked like after eight weeks of lifestyle repairs in August. Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

As a result of a lifestyle change, the cholesterol value of the puck factor dropped sharply from more than seven and the amount of good cholesterol increased.

- There is still work to be done.

It is not yet at an optimal level, but significantly declining, Laukka analyzes.

Laukka asked Pietila directly how much alcohol he had used, which had been consumed quite briskly in the past.

- Significantly less, Pietilä assured.

The change was clearly visible in Pietilä's liver values, which had fallen to normal levels.

- I was startled when that look was such that Pippa is now leaving for Laukaa, Pietilä said with relief.

His blood sugar levels had also improved with noises and returned to normal levels.

In addition, the metabolic syndrome previously burned in his body had subsided.

- Here's a big boy just moving.

Quite brilliant, bewildered Pietilä said.

- From that feedback when you get it and still when it is related to the fact, of course it is great.