• Congress: Citizens and ERC allow the processing of Budgets after mutually vetoing

  • Budgets Pedro Sánchez rewards Bildu with the star measures of his labor policy

Now that the Government has rectified and announced a VAT reduction on masks that it previously considered illegal (and even prevarication), the PP is asking for more.

If the Executive is going to reduce the rate from 21% to 4%, the "popular" demand that they be exempted from the tax, establishing a tax of 0%.

"We ask that the VAT on masks be lowered to 0%, since it is an essential protection material," Pablo Casado assured at a press conference in the Congress of Deputies.

The president of the PP has assured that he has been asking for it "since the month of March", but the truth is that last Sunday, four days ago, his party announced a motion "to include masks, gloves and disinfectant hydrogels in the list of goods to which the super-reduced VAT rate of 4% is applied ".

The PP argued that in other countries around Spain, such as France, Germany, Italy or Portugal, the VAT is "well below 21%", reaching 5%, "and even in some cases being totally exempt in these products so necessary during this pandemic. "

For Casado, the announcement of the VAT reduction of masks by María Jesús Montero, Minister of Finance, has been a "smokescreen" for the Government so that there is no talk of the business "clamor" against the 2021 Budgets, " they are ruinous. "

But not only in terms of crematism: "These are the most expensive Budgets in History, because they pay Bildu for the approach of ETA prisoners, such as the murderers of Jiménez Becerril and his wife, and because they pay ERC for the exclusion of Spanish as a vehicular language throughout Spain ", said Casado.

In addition, they contain "a massive increase in taxes, for 9,000 million euros."

"What does Bildu mean when he says that today everything has started? What does Iglesias mean when he says that Bildu is going to be in the direction of the State?", Asked Casado.

"It's not this, it's not this," he answered himself, paraphrasing Ortega y Gasset.

"This is not how the country can be governed, with these partners," he added.

Asked about Citizens' support for the first Budget vote, Casado preferred to stay on the sidelines: "I am not going to comment on the strategy of other parties. Sánchez has lied to everyone but has not deceived anyone."

In his opinion, "the PP has had a hand in the issues that are acceptable to us", but "we cannot put our shoulders over a cliff; our endorsement of these Budgets would be a mortgage for the next generations."

"I have the utmost respect for Cs and especially its leader. The focus must be placed on the decisions that Sánchez has made," he insisted once again, thus distancing himself from the criticisms of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who has declared feeling surprised by the "unrecognizable" course of Cs.

For Casado, "these accounts lead us to a new austerity, as in 2009."

That is, to cuts to square the deficit.

"The gap in GDP this year is 130,000 million and cannot be covered with 140,000 million Europeans designed for six years."

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