Bolivia: ex-president Evo Morales back in his stronghold in the Chaparé region

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales on his return to Chimoré, in the Chiaparé region, his stronghold.

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Evo Morales was received by staunch activists who had been awaiting his return since his departure a year ago, on November 11, 2019, pushed out of power by the streets, and by the army.

He entered Bolivian territory on Monday, thanks to the victory of his dolphin in the presidential election of October 18.


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With our special correspondent in Chimoré,

Alice Campaignolle

It was in a festive atmosphere that Evo Morales, “ 

comrade Evo

 ” as he is sometimes called, was welcomed in Chimoré, in the region of Chaparé.

It was here that he became known more than 20 years ago as a union leader of coca producers.

At the coca market, we celebrate the return of the child from the country.


When he was in power there weren't all these deaths, all these tears, all this suffering,”

explains Fortuna Gomez.

But now that he's back, everything will be better.

We have truly missed him all this time.


On the tarmac of the airport, they are thousands to have gathered, to listen to his speech.

The ex-president, all smiles, has lost none of his charisma.

 The Movement towards Socialism is not only the indigenous or workers' movement, it also includes the middle classes and all sectors of society.

Comrades, thank you!

I am impressed, look, there are so many of you, this is the unity of the Bolivian people! 


This crowd is the irreducible support for the former president, those who have decided to remain faithful to him.

On the side of La Paz, however, we feel a certain distance.

Luis Arce, the recently elected president, his dolphin, did not come to welcome him.

But Evo Morales said he did not want to return to politics, although his speech sometimes suggested the opposite ...

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