The level of the Vilaine was lowered in November 2018, in Rennes to carry out maintenance work.


C. Allain / 20 Minutes

Rain may well be scarce in November, the rivers display abnormally low levels for an autumn.

Many residents of Rennes have noticed it, wondering about the reasons for this rather sudden lowering, which reveals waste thrown at the bottom of rivers.

The Brittany region has just solved the mystery around the phenomenon.

The manager of waterways is currently carrying out maintenance operations which will last several weeks.

In particular, work must be carried out on the dam located on the Bonnets Rouges promenade and on the locks.

Maintenance operations will also be carried out on the Cesson-Sévigné whitewater stadium and on the Baud-Chardonnet slipway.

The region will take advantage of this emptying to carry out a major cleaning operation.

In 2018, during the previous lowering of rivers, the collection had ended with a sad result.

Twenty-two trailers and twelve dump trucks were needed to remove bicycles, two-wheelers and supermarket carts.

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