China News Service, Seoul, November 11 (Reporter Zeng Nai) "Flying cars" are gradually becoming a reality in Seoul.

  On the 11th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of South Korea and the Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a "Manned Air Taxi" flight test activity to demonstrate and test the application of air flight technology. This is the first time that South Korea has tested an "Air Taxi".

  In the morning, a two-seater "air taxi" took off from Yeouido and flew 3.6 kilometers around the Sogang Bridge and Mapo Bridge, lasting about 7 minutes.

The aircraft participating in this test flight was manufactured by a Chinese company.

  According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of South Korea, the "air taxi" project is based on the "K-drone" management system, which is an air traffic management system dedicated to drones that can ensure the safe flight of multiple aircraft; Expand investment and pilot scale to build a foundation for the introduction of commercial drone services.

  The Acting Mayor of Seoul, Seo Jeong-hye, said on the same day that the "air taxi" is the future transportation tool that mankind has always dreamed of. It provides a new solution for ground transportation problems and has great potential.

Xu Zhengxie said that he will continue to invest funds to integrate flying vehicles into daily life and promote the development of new industries.

  Currently, "air taxis" do not have a unified technical standard in the world. The Korean government has formulated a series of development plans in related fields to cultivate the air flight industry.