Significant increase in suicides "Strengthening efforts to prevent heavy acceptance" Chief Cabinet Secretary November 11, 19:27

Regarding the increase in the number of suicides last month by more than 600 from the same period last year, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that it is necessary to take the actual situation seriously, and committed suicide by extending the time including holidays and nights at the consultation desk. He expressed his intention to strengthen efforts for prevention.

According to the National Police Agency, the number of people who committed suicide last month was 2,153 nationwide, an increase of 614 from the same period last year, and the number of suicides has increased for four consecutive months since July.

For this, Kato Chief Cabinet Secretary, in the afternoon press conference, "especially number of suicides of women, have an increase of more than 80% from a year earlier, it is necessary to take heavy the actual situation.

Economic and livelihood issues, It has been analyzed that various problems such as DV damage and child-rearing worries may be exacerbated by the Corona disaster and may be affecting the increase in female suicides. "

On that basis, he expressed his intention to strengthen efforts to prevent suicide by extending the hours of the consultation desk, including holidays and nights, and by providing consultation support using SNS by the private sector.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "If you are having difficulty living, please do not worry about yourself and consult with someone close to you. When there are no people around you, you may feel uneasy at the consultation desk. I want you to tell me. "