NANTES, 07/03/2012 A ticket control in a TAN tram -


After the assault of a driver, Sunday evening, in a tram of line 1 in Nantes, a young man is suspected of having insulted and spat on agents of Tan, Tuesday, shortly after 2 p.m.

According to



Presse Océan

, the agents approached a passenger who was not wearing a mask and invited him either to put on one [the mask is compulsory in public transport and in town], or to get off as soon as possible.

The youngster reacted very badly, he insulted the officers and spat in their direction.

Wearing a mask increases tensions in transport

The suspect was taken to the Waldeck-Rousseau police station.

As of Wednesday morning, he was still in police custody.

Tuesday, after the assault of a tram driver by an armed man in Nantes,

20 Minutes

devoted a paper on the wearing of the mask which sometimes raises tensions in transport.


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