Strasbourg, Eurometropolis administrative center and city of Strasbourg.


Alexia Ighirri

As every year, January 1 arrives with its share of increases.

But this time, the "traditional" increase in rents for tenants of public housing organizations in the Eurometropolis will not be.

In fact, in a joint press release, the city and the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg announced this Tuesday "that in view of the particular context in which we find ourselves", they launched "a call for solidarity to all social landlords for freeze this increase for the year 2021. "

Together representing more than 30,000 housing units in the Strasbourg metropolitan area, the boards of directors of Habitation Moderne and the Office Public de l'Habitat de l'Eurométropole de Strasbourg (Ophéa), “subscribed to this exceptional measure.

Therefore, the rent increase for the year 2021 is frozen.

"This health crisis hits the most vulnerable among us the hardest," said Jeanne Barseghian, mayor of Strasbourg.

"With the confinement already uncomfortable", the inhabitants, "who rent in the social park, are now facing economic difficulties and can often have difficulty paying their rent," specifies the mayor.

This concrete gesture in favor of low-income tenants should make it possible to prevent rental evictions, by promoting staying in housing and supporting the families most severely affected ”.

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The president of the Eurometropolis Pia Imbs for her part insisted that the Strasbourg metropolis "is one of the most unequal in France in terms of income gap" and that "access to affordable housing" for all "is a priority.

"" It is an exceptional measure of solidarity.



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