• Christmas: Madrid will install the traditional market in the Plaza Mayor despite the coronavirus

Despite the fact that the coronavirus will be an exceptional guest in Spanish Christmas celebrations, the Madrid City Council will maintain some of the traditions on these dates of the city.

The Town Hall led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida

will maintain the municipal nativity scenes and will inaugurate the lighting of the capital in the last week of November

, as the mayor pointed out this Tuesday.

"This year Madrilenians deserve more than ever to have a Christmas that they can enjoy given the dramatic year we have gone through," said the councilor, who, however, has warned that the corporation "will comply with all health protocols "Faced with the pandemic during a Christmas that, as he explained, will be

especially" outdoors "and" with guaranteed capacity



For this reason, the City Council will bring out the traditional nativity scene in the Plaza de La Villa, the historic headquarters of the municipal corporation, so that citizens can come to visit it in an open space.


It is a historic place so that there is Christmas and citizens can come to enjoy the Nativity Scene,

" said the mayor, who confirmed that it will not be the only one in the city of Madrid.

Also CentroCentro, in the Palacio de Cibeles, will maintain its traditional birth and the districts will be able to enable theirs.

That will be one of the parts of Madrid's Christmas in the time of coronavirus that will be added to the market in the Plaza Mayor, which the City Council already announced on October 21 that it would be installed in the central enclave, and street lighting.

"The people of Madrid will also be able to enjoy the design of the Christmas lights that we have made with great effort and affection," said the councilor.

And those lights can be enjoyed in the city of Madrid from the last week of November.

That will be the date on which the lighting will take place, Almeida said, who has not yet set a specific day or how it will be done.


Christmas, even with limitations and sacrifices, can be a time of certain respite for all of us,

" he added.

For this reason, the mayor has stressed that Madrid will bet one more year for some "traditional" Christmas dates but "complying with all security measures".

"The citizens of Madrid and all of Spain deserve a Christmas in which there are not the controversies that there have been other years in other cities in relation to the nativity scenes or the form of celebration," he concluded.

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