The domestic football season, which was punished by the coronavirus, will culminate again when KTP from Kotka challenges Turku Palloseura to the battle for a place in next year's Veikkausliiga.

The two-part qualifier will start on Wednesday in Kotka, and TPS, which is defending its series, will host the decisive second part on Saturday in Turku.

Since its last league season (2015), KTP has also visited Kakkonen, but now it is a good season.

Slightly special in the sense that the team has played away better than at home.

The fact that for KTP the match is the fourth in 12 days will also add extra weight to Wednesday's home game.

- The Football Association has planned a good final season for us **, which has taken into account all the sports and other things that could be played at the end of the season.

Thanks for that.

Unfortunately, we can’t change it and we play as the leaders see fit, KTP head coach Argo Arbeiter manages the club’s website.

Tuomas Ollila, captain David Ramadingyae and Thomas Agyiri, who is on the sidelines due to a work permit delay, are missing from the Kotka players.

- Absences are annoying, of course, but that's what football is like.

However, every ball and situation is started to fight, Arbeiter promises.

- The better results of the away games are due to the fact that (at KTP's home field) Tolsa has such a demanding audience and maybe many people feel the pressure from it.

But with those pressures, you have to learn to live and play.

Otherwise, you will not become a better player.

In away games, the team has been clearly more relaxed, the coach was still thinking.

TPS, who dropped out of the KpV league in the qualifiers at the end of last season, ended the league season with three wins in the last four games, but the road still led to the qualifiers.

Head coach Jonatan Johansson sees that the vibe promises good qualifiers, even if KTP is not underestimated in Turku.

- Of course, there are always qualifier games, always a bit unpredictable, but with confidence you will now start in Kotka first.

Work has been done hard all the time and I believe in this team, Johansson emphasizes on TPS's website.

- Of course, KTP is an extremely dangerous team.

Kotka is also a traditional football city, there is a sport culture, and KTP now wants to return to the Veikkausliiga.