French President Emmanuel Macron meets with German leaders to counter terrorism November 11, 7:10

Following a series of terrorist incidents in France and Austria that appear to have been influenced by Islamic extremists, French President Macron met with leaders of Germany and the EU-European Union to prevent the invasion of terrorists. He argued that it was necessary to strengthen control of the border between the EU and the outside of the region.

In Europe, three people were killed by a man with a knife in Nice, southern France last month, and four people were shot dead by a man in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and were strongly influenced by Islamic extremists this month. There are a series of terrorist attacks that appear to be.

French President Emmanuel Macron met with Austrian Prime Minister Kurz who visited Paris on the 10th, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU President Emmanuel Macron on a video conference system.

At a subsequent press conference, President Macron will strengthen control of the EU-outside borders and monitor militants online to prevent terrorists from invading the EU among refugees and migrants. He argued that it was necessary to strengthen cooperation by sharing information with police authorities.

In the terrorist attacks in Nice, it is known that a man who flew from Tunisia to Europe arrived in France and caused an incident within a few days.

President Macron called on countries to cooperate, saying, "In order to make the EU safer, we must strengthen the control of the border with the outside of the EU."