The first political dialogue after the Libyan war begins November 10, 10:57

The first political dialogue between the two powers has begun after the ceasefire agreement in October over Libya in North Africa, where the country has split into east and west and the civil war has continued.

The focus will be on getting out of the nine years of turmoil and paving the way for a solution.

In Libya, nine years ago, after the collapse of the dictatorial Gaddafi administration, the country split into two and fierce battles continued between the interim government in the west and military organizations in the east, but last month. Both sides have agreed on a permanent ceasefire.

In response to this, on the 9th, a forum for direct political dialogue was set up in neighboring Tunisia through the mediation of the United Nations, and 75 people participated.

At the beginning of the meeting, UN Secretary-General António Guterres sent a video message stating, "The future of Libya is in your hands," and hoped for a constructive discussion.

Representatives from both sides, as well as politicians, women, and other people from various positions will be invited to the meeting to develop a political roadmap for the presidential and parliamentary elections. ..

In Libya, the fighting has reignited after the ceasefire agreement, and the once agreed presidential election has been postponed.

For this reason, the future focus will be on how to pave the way for solutions through direct dialogue and lead to the rebuilding of a devastated country.