EU shows willingness to step up counter-terrorism measures

Emmanuel Macron and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in videoconference with Mark Rutte and Angela Merkel on November 10, 2020. AP Photo / Michel Euler

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The European Union, of which several countries met on Tuesday 10 November for a mini-summit, underlined the need to step up the common fight against terrorism, shortly after the recent attacks in France and Austria.


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European countries " 

need a coordinated and rapid response

 " to face the terrorist threat, said Emmanuel Macron after a mini-summit by videoconference with several leaders of the European Union, after the attacks in France and Austria

The French President received Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at Eysée on Tuesday.

After lunch, the two men therefore took part in a videoconference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch head of government Mark Rutte and European leaders Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen.

All insisted: preserving European freedoms, including that of free movement, is only possible if the security of Europeans is ensured. 

Strong to do

We still have a lot to do, we still have to make progress in three areas

 ", declared the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen: prevention, the protection of external borders, and "

 to implement at the operational level


In other words, strengthen police and intelligence cooperation, finalize the file of entries and exits from the Schengen area, expand the prerogatives of Europol.

But also to control the internet whose freedom is only possible under certain conditions.


If it is not the refuge of those who flout our values ​​or seek to indoctrinate.

This is why the regulation on the removal of terrorist content from the Internet within one hour must absolutely be adopted in the coming weeks

 , ”claimed Emmanuel Macron.

The French president, who denounces a misuse of the right to asylum by traffickers, calls for strengthening the external borders and for reforming the Schengen area in depth: " 

We are under an obligation to do, also taking as a Schengen base, which must be a space of responsibility and solidarity.

If some are not ready to carry the rules, we will draw all the consequences.


This arsenal of the fight against terrorism will be on the table of the Twenty-Seven at the European Council in December.


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