EU annual maximum of 420 billion yen to US retaliatory tariffs Aircraft manufacturer support tour November 10, 9:08

The EU = European Union, which has been in conflict with the United States over support for aircraft manufacturers, announced that it will impose a maximum annual retaliatory tariff of 420 billion yen approved by the WTO = World Trade Organization from the 10th.

However, the EU is calling for discussions and the focus will be on whether both sides can come close to each other.

The EU and the United States have long been at odds with the unjustified support they provide for "Airbus" and "Boeing," respectively, and the WTO admits they are both unjustified.

In response to this, the United States has already taken measures to add up to 790 billion yen in annual tariffs on EU products, but the EU was also granted retaliatory tariffs of up to 420 billion yen by the WTO last month.

EU Executive Vice-Chairman Dombrovskis said at a press conference on the 9th, "Unfortunately, we have to exercise our rights and take countermeasures because of the lack of progress in the discussions with the United States." It was revealed that it will be activated from the day.

However, he called for discussions, saying, "We urge the United States to agree to withdraw the measures immediately. Now is the time to restart the cooperation and work together for the purpose of sharing."

The background to the EU's imposition of retaliatory tariffs seems to be that both sides will have the same conditions to facilitate negotiations and then encourage the withdrawal of measures, and the focus will be on whether both sides can come close to each other.