China News Service, November 10, according to Reuters, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Director Dixon said on the 9th that the evaluation of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft design modification has entered the final stage and is expected to be "in the next few days." Complete the review process.

On June 29, local time, in Seattle, Washington, USA, a Boeing 737 MAX plane landed after a test flight at Boeing Airport.

  Three sources who learned of the matter told Reuters that the FAA expects to approve the Boeing 737 MAX to go back to flight as soon as November 18.

  Dixon said in a statement that he expects "this procedure will be completed in the next few days, but the FAA must be satisfied with Boeing's resolution of the safety issues in the two crashes."

The two crashes killed 346 people.

  Currently, Boeing declined to comment on this.

  Dixon said: “The FAA will continue to engage with aviation authorities around the world, and they are ready to confirm our certification decision.” He added: “As I said many times before, the FAA will spend time thoroughly reviewing the remaining work. We are close to the finish line, but the grounding order can only be lifted after safety experts are satisfied that the aircraft meets the certification standards."

  According to reports, after the FAA approves the go-around, the airline must complete software updates and brand new pilot training. This process will take at least 30 days before the 737 MAX can return to the sky.

  Southwest Airlines, the world's largest MAX aircraft operator, said it will take several months to meet FAA requirements. The company plans to not use 737 MAX aircraft until the second quarter of 2021.

  The grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX caused billions of dollars in damages to the company and triggered investigations against Boeing and the FAA, which accused Boeing and FAA of lack of transparency and ineffective supervision in the aircraft development process.

The criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice is still ongoing.