St. Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey, is also a popular tourist destination, but Glee, the cat's mascot, has been loved for a long time with more than 110,000 social media followers.

And it is said that Glee recently left for Heaven.


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Gli, with brown fur and mysterious green eyes, was born in 2004 under the roof of a worker's lounge at St. Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey.

The staff at the church gave the newborn kitten the name Glee, meaning ``a union of love,'' and took care of it.

Since then, Gley has become the mascot of St. Sophia Cathedral, being loved by staff and tourists.

And Gley has been protecting this St. Sophia Cathedral for 16 years.

In 2009, taking pictures with former U.S. President Barack Obama, who visited this place, became a hot topic, and Glee's popularity exploded since then, and the number of followers on social media exceeded 113,000.

Gly, who has been loved for such a long time, has been treated at an veterinary hospital at an elderly age since the end of September, but it is said that he recently passed away.

Netizens said, "Thank you for protecting St. Sophia, I won't forget!" They responded, "I hope that I will return to the cat separation and be happy without being lonely."

(Screen source: Instagram hagiasophiacat)