Olympic cross-country skiing winner Iivo Niskanen is currently camping at Muonio Olos.

Last weekend, Niskanen, 28, posted a video on Instagram in which he pulls a three-man hose.

The gang progresses through effective traditional shifting uphill in the snowy landscapes of the north.

Immediately in Niskanen's pee, beautifully in the same rhythm, the Russian star Aleksandr Bolshunov skis.

Finnish sports fans remember Bolshunov's monstrous track battles against Niska.

The Russian is best remembered for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

At that time, Niskanen won the Olympic gold of the 50-kilometer royal voyage.

The worst threat of victory was Bolshunov, whom the Finn dropped from his ride just over a kilometer before the goal.

- “Bolsu” knows its place, joked one of Niskanen’s Instagram followers in the comment field of the latest video release.

In the video published by Niskanen, Juho Mikkonen is the third to ski.

Among other things, Mikkonen, 29, who competed in the 2014 Sochi Olympics, married Iivo Niskanen's sister, Kerttu Niskanen, who is also one of Finland's ski stars.

In his career, Olli Ohtonen, a long-time coach of Iivo Niskanen, who won two Olympic golds, one World Championship gold and two World Championship bronzes, told Ilta-Sanomat about the background of the video filmed in Olos.

- We had planned a tougher workout for Friday.

Bolshunov then went to the same hose to try.

Gave a good sparrow, but there was nothing separately agreed.

According to Ohtonen, a lot of foreign skiers are currently camping in Olos.

- Bolshunov trains there according to his own programs and with other Russians.

So the exercises have not been matched in any way, but there are often collisions on the same tracks, Ohtonen inches.

Olli Ohtonen ended his own racing career as a skier in 2010. He has been coaching Iivo Niska since 2013.Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva

Niskanen used to camp in Vuokatti like the rest of the cross-country team.

At the moment, however, Iivo and Kerttu Niskanen, Mikkonen and Krista Pärmäkoski are training in Muonio, clearly further north than the rest of the ski country team.

According to Ohtonen, the reasons for changing the camp site were practical.

The Finnish Ski Cup competitions started in Vuokatti last weekend.

Those who did not start their competition in the Finnish Cup were able to train in Olos in peace for the weekend as well.

Niskanen himself has said on several occasions that his goal in the future is to also succeed in free skiing.

He has long been one of the best in the world on traditional long-distance trips.

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- Iivo wants to expand his repertoire.

Freestyle has been invested in and has been a theme in national team camps as well.

The main goal of the season is, of course, at the World Championships in Oberstdorf, says Ohtonen, who has defended his doctoral dissertation on biomechanics of free skiing.

In Oberstdorf, free skiing includes a 15-kilometer race.

On that trip, but in the traditional way of skiing, Niskanen won the World Championship gold in Lahti 2017 and the World Championship bronze 2019 in Seefeld.

Iivo Niskanen (right) and Olli Ohtonen on a jog in Sandnes, Norway in summer 2018.Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

Ohtonen does not consider the effects of the corona pandemic on the training period to be significant.

Of course, the foreign camps were missed this time, the significance of which Ohtonen regrets a bit in the long run.

- In Beijing (Winter Olympics 2022), skiing is high, and in a thinner atmosphere, training is now out of the question, but that is hardly a problem either, if you can still get high-altitude skiing here.

- The training season has gone well as a whole and there has been a lot of training.

Hopefully we can now complete the race season as planned, Ohtonen ponders.

According to his coach, Niskanen is currently focusing on sport-specific training and quantity.

The toughest power training sessions were held at the national team camps in Vuokatti.

In the 2019–2020 season, Niskanen was sixth in the overall World Cup competition and third in the Normal Travel Cup.

Bolshunov, meanwhile, dominated the men’s World Cup last season.

He clearly won both the Normal Trips Cup and the overall race to the next.

Last week's Sprintticup was won by Johannes Hösflot Kläbo of Norway.

The cross-country skiing world cup season starts in Ruka, Kuusamo, on the last weekend of November.

Finns will not forget this moment.

Iivo Niskanen has started his final race at the 50th kilometer of the Pyeongchang Olympics, Aleksandr Bolshunov can do nothing.Photo: Elina Paasonen