Former President Evo Morales returns to Bolivia after a year of exile

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales at a press conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 22, 2020. AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko

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It is this Monday that Evo Morales, the former Bolivian president, will return to the soil of his native country.

The former president left Bolivia exactly one year ago under pressure from the army and after weeks of popular protests.

He returned the day after the inauguration of his dolphin, Luis Arce, as president.


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With our correspondent in La Paz,

Alice Campaignolle


Luis Arce, the new elected president,

has just taken office this Sunday, November 8, Evo Morales returns to Bolivian territory on Monday after a year of absence, during which he largely remained in Argentina.

It is Alberto Fernandez, the Argentine President, who will come to welcome him at the border.

He will arrive from La Paz, where he took part in the inauguration of the dolphin of Evo Morales on Sunday, along with other international representatives such as the Iranian chancellor and the King of Spain.

Evo Morales, the former coca producer, will leave the south of Bolivia by caravan, and he will travel the country for two days, until arriving in the region of Chapare, where he made himself known as a union leader there. is over 20 years old.

In recent weeks, the new presidential pair has distanced itself from the ex-president, who has been concentrating tensions in the country in recent years.

But Evo Morales said it: he does not intend to return to politics, but would like to dedicate himself to union activism and fish farming.


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