Iraq is experiencing a suffocating crisis and mounting popular anger due to delays in paying the salaries of government institutions' employees, and in light of the high unemployment rate and major disruption in the private sector with the outbreak of the Corona virus, the crisis has escalated its impact on Iraqis.

Iraqis have undertaken humanitarian initiatives for social solidarity to alleviate the severity of the crisis, most notably the commander of an Iraqi army regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Ali Anheer al-Husaynawi, selling his personal car and distributing its price to his soldiers following the delay in salaries for last October.

In his first comment on this, Al-Hussainawi stated on his Facebook page, “I would like to clarify that what was published about me today on the communication sites is nothing but a humanitarian work between me and the Lord of the Worlds and not for another purpose, so I ask you not to publish.”

Nice attitude towards one of the vegetable shop owners in the city of Mosul due to late salaries for a country that has all the elements of wealth, but poverty rates are skyrocketing day after day. # Mother of the poor # Mosul

- ✪ Z-Alweis (@zaidalweis) November 8, 2020

In another manifestation of cooperation with employees who did not receive their salaries, grocery stores and private shopping centers announced the sale of on hold to government employees and delaying payment until the salary was received.

Parliamentary confirmation

In the context of seeking to counter the delay in salaries, the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives confirmed that the parliament had agreed to allow the government a loan to secure the salaries of employees and retirees, social care, medicines, the ration card, and farmers ’dues.

Today, the financial statements of the government were discussed in order to pass the deficit financing law and the first paragraph agreed upon by all. The salaries of employees and retirees, which amount to 3344 three trillion per month, and fractions, totaling more than 10 trillion, so the law will be approved on Thursday, God willing, and there is no excuse for the government not to spend the salary

- Ahmed Al Hajj MP Ahmed AL Haj (@MPAhmedAlHaj) November 8, 2020

Member of Parliament Ahmed Al-Hajj confirmed that the parliament would vote on the internal borrowing law to solve the salary crisis, saying, "The approval of the law will take place next Thursday," adding, "The government has no excuse not to pay salaries."

Public opinion in Iraq is preoccupied on social media with the salary crisis of government sector employees, who number more than 6 million, at a time when several institutions witnessed a strike and disruption of official working hours.

The state insures and pays salaries for members of parliament

who own millions and live in luxury,

while delayed salaries for employees who do not

have the money of their month is an unfair and unjust equation,


- Dr.

Ali Al-Fatlawi (@ DraliAlftlaw2) November 8, 2020

Political activist Ali al-Fatlawi commented on his Twitter account that the state secures and pays salaries to members of parliament who own millions and live in luxury, while delaying salaries for employees who do not have their daily food.

Journalist Jumah al-Maliki considered that it is a defect in the right of the government, and it is assumed that no matter what the circumstances will happen, the salaries of the children of the armed forces of all kinds and names are delayed.