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Election night

Due to the American elections, NUjij remained open in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

We gave night owls the opportunity to discuss election day in the US.

You could also submit questions, which we answered in this article:

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Biden takes the win

Joe Biden becomes the 46th president of the United States after his victory over current President Donald Trump.

On NUjij, many readers looked back on a grueling battle, and many of them looked forward to the Biden era with hope.

Biden has announced on Twitter that he wants to be there for all Americans, including those who did not vote for him.

That will be a difficult task, according to user Opinie_UithetOosten2020.

“Don't doubt Joe Biden's sincerity and ambitions to be a president for all Americans.

But the country is deeply divided.

A legacy from the past that the new president must take over.

In particular, the Trump era.

Because the influence of Trump on certain Americans from his constituency is great.

They repeat him.

Will Joe Biden be able to break that doctrine?

If Joe Biden succeeds in common values ​​like fighting COVID-19, creating jobs, building the economy, making health care more affordable, Biden will gain more support from many Americans.

Hope Joe Biden is a good team around him.

Susan Rice has already been mentioned.

Given his age, it won't be wrong for him to delegate.

The presidency is teamwork and not a one-man show. ”

Opinion_From theEasts2020

In his victory speech, Biden asks Trump supporters to give him a chance to try to unite the country more.

That will only be possible if the Trump supporters are not turned their backs, says Corine_van_Gils.

“The gap that has opened up in this nation can only be closed by not turning your back on these fanatical Trump voters.

Involve them at all levels (national, state and local) in issues that need to be addressed.

Not right now, because that is going wrong.

The anger has to subside first, but above all keep talking to them.

Let the higher court also investigate whether the votes went correctly.

Nothing wrong with that, because that 'dirt' has to be removed first.

But bonding this nation is going to be a long process.

Only patience and listening to each other will help.

A mega job for Biden & Harris and they will not succeed 100%, but when the anger among the republicans has subsided they will go a long way… ”Corine_van_Gils

Schools dwell on the murder of Paty

The cabinet has called on schools and teachers to reflect on the murder of French teacher Samuel Paty.

Teachers at NUjij responded to this.

They shared their experiences or told how they would approach the subject, for example Sven_Mans.

“I happen to be teaching a lesson tomorrow on fascism from 1922 in Italy.

I'm still working on the freedom of the citizen, so I can also link this example to it at the end and discuss it with the students. ”


Not to family abroad during Christmas

"Traveling is a risk this winter," said Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a press conference about the corona virus.

There is therefore an urgent advice not to travel abroad around or during Christmas.

In the discussion on NUjij, there was an understanding response to the news.

Still, some may postpone their vacation, such as JannvZ.

“We fly to Sweden every Christmas, where my parents-in-law live.

They live remote, far from the outside world.

This spring they were not allowed to come to the Netherlands to see their youngest granddaughter (our daughter), who is now 7 months old.

So we like to go to them, even when all catering is closed.

We have not booked yet and I fear that we will not do that with this advice. ”


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